Zahnradwerk Rust Wilhelmshaven

130 employees, more than 100 years of experience, and only highest quality products: this is the perfect mix which distinguishes us. We manufacture high-precision, demanding parts made out of high-alloy steel, titanium, aluminium and cast iron using the most advanced CNC controlled turning, milling, grinding and gear cutting machines. Any product leaving our factory is comprehensively checked for quality and functionality in our in-house test and measuring facilities.

All of our employees are thoroughly trained and their skills are continuously developed. As a team, we are characterised by high flexibility and above-average specialist knowledge, supported by a state-of-the-art machine pool. By this combination, we can guarantee you quick response times.

In more than 100 years we were able to collect extensive experience. Based on our substantial know-how, we manufacture parts and components precisely by your specifications and offer you all services, from our quote to on-time delivery, from one single source.

Our qualified employees develop perfect solutions tailored to your demands and requirements using the most advanced production technology.


More than 100 years of experience

In the year 1922, Kurt Rust founded the company Oldenburger Zahnradwerk und Maschinenbauanstalt Kurt Rust. At the same site as today, in the city district of Tonndeich in Wilhelmshaven, the company went into operation the same year. Back then as well as today, the company’s field of activity was metal working and machining, focusing on gear cutting, mechanical engineering, and repair orders. As “Zahnradwerk Rust”, the company soon became synonymous for quality, supplier reliability and precision. After complete destruction of the company grounds by a bombing raid in October 1944, rebuilding began immediately after the end of the war – in 1947 production was resumed. Klaus Rust, the son of the company’s founder, reorientated the company by the end of the 1960s by investing in the new NC technology and started to build business relations to the aerospace industry. These relations exist until today and are one of the main focal points of our field of activities.

The company was approved according to QSF-A, and in 1999 the certification according to DIN ISO 9001 followed. Since 2006, our management system is according to DIN EN 9100. In 2014, the qualification according to QSF-B by Airbus Helicopters followed.One of our main fields of expertise– besides machining – is manufacturing propulsion components and assemblies.

First-class quality, sophisticated manufacturing technology and contractual fidelity make us a reliable partner for our customers from a broad range of sectors like the aerospace industry, turbine and compressor makers, automotive suppliers, or makers of transmissions and gear units.

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